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The Social Media Gift Guide

written on November 28th, 2008 by zach

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it,”

- Edith Wharton, from Vesalius in Zante

Hunting for the perfect gift takes time. That’s why, with your help, I’ve created the social media gift guide.Hundreds of people on Twitter provided their recommendations, and I‘ve highlighted many of them below.And If you find it valuable, please leave a comment.

Happy giving,

Zachary Braiker, @quiverandquill

A big thank you to everyone who contributed and especially @caro_lina who helped with this entire process.

Gifts to wear



T-shirts That Suck

“Offensive apparel for the whole family!”

Recommended by: @JasonFalls, Blog


VC Wear

“Clothing for the top 2/20% of the population.

“Recommended by: @andrewhyde, Blog

the slanket

The Slanket

“A gigantic fleece blanket with sleeves.”

Recommended by: @sandraproulx “It’s the best gift I’ve ever gotten”

“Your hood on your hoodie” and other apparel
Recommended by: @socialmedium (Kelly Samardak), Blog
 Gifts to read

Blurb.com books


Blurb.com Books

“Real books. Made by you.”

Recommended by: @crystallyn, Blog

Daily Lit Book Sampler: Gift Ideas

“Taste and test lots of DailyLit books that are perfect for giving.”

Recommended by: @DailyLit “Like browsing a digital bookstore.”

Me Cheeta



Me Cheeta: The Autobiography


One Life, 6 Words

Recommended by: @johnrivers, Blog

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

“So funny”and

The Flavor Bible

“The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs”

Recommended by: @littlebrown, Website

Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki
Reality Check, by Guy Kawasaki
Midnight’s Children, by Salman Rushdie
Recommended by: @quiverandquill, Blog  

Rare books from AbeBooks
Recommended by: @kirbstr, Delicious

Gifts to hear (or for music folk)

Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit

Recommended by: @Whatleydude, Blog “I haven’t stopped listening to [it] all year.”

(UK) £20 Pound Gift Voucher from BoomKat
Record Album Frame
Recommended by: @soulclap, Blog
Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim [Original Recording Remastered]
Recommended by: @RSantiago, Blog
Audible gift cards
Recommended by: @alexa Blog
“Flocabulary uses the educational power of hip-hop music to foster literacy and promote academic success in the classroom and beyond.”
Recommended by: @quiverandquill, Blog

Gifts that give back



“Choose a meaningful gift to give a loved one and help children and families around the world receive training and animal gifts that help them become self-reliant”

Recommended by: @mojovator and @Pistachio

Metal for Monsters


Metal for Monsters

“An effort by Blend Creations to raise money for UNICEF by collaborating with artists for a special line of limited-edition stainless steel pendants.”

Recommended by: @anodyne2art, Blog



“The online destination for charitable giving™”

Reccomended by: @wilreynolds, Blog

Fair Trade



Fair Trade Flowers, Chocolates or other proucts or support the development of Fairtrade Cooperatives

Recommended by: @felipearango, Blog

Kiva Gift Certificates

“Kiva’s mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.”

Recommended by: @felipearango, Blog  and @kanter, Blog

Network for Good


Network for Good

“We make it as easy to donate and volunteer online as it is to shop online, and we make it simple and affordable for all nonprofits, of any size, to recruit donors and volunteers via the Internet.”


Global Giving

“Connects donors with community-based projects that need support.”

Recommended by: @kanter, Blog

My Charms for Charity
“For every charm purchased, $3.00 will be donated to charity, but more than that, we hope that these Heathcock charms represent a positive future, where we can all give back.”
Recommendeb by: @jonray, Blog “Each charm represents a charity and starts a conversation.”
 Technology tools and toys



Flickr Premium Package

Recommended by: @astrout, Blog



“An interactive media player that constantly streams your favorite parts of the internet in a fun, always-on, always-fresh format.”

Recommended by: @adamcohen, Blog and @BestBuyCMO, Blog

Flip Mino



The Flip Mino HD

“The world’s smallest HD camcorder.”Recommended by: @JamesonBull, Blog and @KrisColvin, Blog

For iPhone Users: RichardSolo 1800 Battery Extender

Recommended by: @ktoddstorch, Blog




“A robotic baby dinosaur.”

Recommended by: @TDefren, Blog

Dell Arthouse Laptops

Recommended by:@RichardatDELL Blog

“Personal GPS Locators”
Recommended by: @McMatt, Blog

Zoom Album

“A ZoomAlbum is a small photo album sold as a kit that allows users to create a handmade gift of memories with a professional look from digital photos, a personal computer and a home Inkjet printer.”
Recommended by: @lorenzsell, Blog
Domain names
Recommended by: @purplecar, Blog.  “Buy your lover’s domain name if you haven’t already.  Type up instructions on how to renew it every year, but don’t be cheap.  Register it for at least 2 years.  This is also an easy gift after the 2 years are up!”

Thoughtful and/or free (mostly)

A Netvibes page

Recommended by: @andrewcherwenka, Blog “For the low low cost of free I set a buddy up with his own netvibes page, complete with my guesses on his preferred feeds and brand tools. Sounds simple but for most it’s a daunting task. he viewed his netvibes page daily. monitored his name and company.”


“Set up a blog for your parents / grandparents.”

Recommended by: @felipearango, Blog and @skinner, Blog

Collages (A how-to here )

Recommended by: @Aquentminister, Blog  “One Xmas I was broke and I made everyone in my family collages – pre-photoshop so with scissors and glue”




“When you care enough to hit send.”

Recommended by: @Armano Blog “Can’t get more personality than that.”

Mix tape USB stick


Mix Tape USB Stick

Recommended by: @AmandaMooney, Blog

iPod nano

Pre-loaded iPod Nano

Recommended by: @FranMagbual, Blog “Load it with music you think the recipient will like.”

Message in a bottle


A Message in a Bottle

“We print your personalized message, scroll it, place it in one of our beautiful bottles and send it to the recipient of your choice.”

Recommended by: @GHollingsworth, Blog “A great idea that lets you add your own personality, a little pricey, but definitely worth it.”

A Living Wake

Recommended by: @menatpausecoach, Blog “Gather person’s friends & plan elaborate living wake. Celebration of life while living vs. only in death. I discussed the living wake with some friends recently & we loved the idea.”

A Couples Blog

Recommended by: @Alexa, Blog “For geeky couples:  a blog ‘just about you and me’ – populate the blog with favorite moments, photos, quotes – use it to chronicle the relationship.”

A “personal” coupon booklet for your significant other

Recommended by: @sethgray, Blog

Met logo

Membership at a local museum

Recommended by: @tinkugallery, Blog


Baked Goods

Recommended by: @ladyfox14 “Baking goods also works well. Tells them you took time to make them something.”

(Image – and recipe!- from the Food Network)

Experience and learning gifts


A 3-5 golf lesson package for a beginner

Recommended by: @Bloggeries, BlogSacramento Holiday Inn) “Introducing someone to the game of golf can be a life-changing gift.”(image from

Online Music Classes



Subscription to either www.vtc.com to learn Creative Suite/Logic Pro etc or the less expensive www.lynda.com

Recommended by: @anodyne2art, Blog


A sky diving pass

Recommended by: @lorenzsell, Blog

(image from skydiveorange.com)

Sites, guides and other lists

Kidrobot mouse pad


“Planet Earth’s premier creator & retailer of limited edition toys, clothing, mini-figures, artwork & books.”

Recommended by: @sethgray, Blog




Recommended by: @sazbean, Blog

Uncommon Goods

Recommended by: @bizcoachdeb, Blog “My fav place to shop for gifts with personality. The Tao of Cat glasses rock!”, and @rosyblue

The Michael Olaf Montesori Company

Recommended by: @merichson “I always get kid gifts here.”

gtmcknight’s Online Shopping Guide

Recommended by: @gtmcknight Blog


Reccomended by: @markush, Blog and @pprlisa, Blog and @miketrap, Blog

About.com: Family Crafts



Reccomended by: @markush, Blog

Nicky Digital


Nicky Digital’s Hipster Holiday Gift Guide (2007)

Recommended by: @NickyDigital, Blog “This year’s will be published early next week”

Perpetual Kid

Recommended by: @rosyblue, Blog and @wisekaren, Blog

Red Envelope

Recommended by: @rosyblue, Blog


Recommended by: @wisekaren, Blog and @ladyfox14

Knock Knock

Recommended by: @wisekaren, Blog

Zeus Jones’ Holiday Gift Guide

Zeus Jones’ Holiday Gift Guide

Recommended by: @israeliwine, Blog

Yummy Gifts

Dancing Deer Gingerbread House Kit

Dancing Deer Gingerbread House Kit

Recommended by: @JennMorales “35% goes to end family homelessness”

Artisan Steak Tasting Pack

The Oliver Ranch Company: Artisan Steak Tasting Pack

Recommended by: @OliverRanch, Blog

Bacon of the Month Club



The Grateful Palate: Bacon of the Month Club

Recommended by: @jstorerj, Blog

Charles Chocolates

Charles Chocolates

“Charles Chocolates is the story of one man’s dedication to the art of chocolate, his pursuit of perfection and a complete and total passion for producing only the finest confections.”

Recommended by: @websrvnt, Blog

Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements

Recommended by: @meredithk1981, Blog  “This year will be all about cost savings, so what better way to curb costs than with a multifunctional gift that is also decorative and a fun addition to any gathering.”

Mighty Leaf

A Mighty Leaf

“Their passion is for creating the most incredible handcrafted tea blends found anywhere, globally sourcing the finest ingredients available. Paralleling the highest standards of quality at Mighty Leaf Tea is ongoing creative innovation.”

Recommended by: @tinkugallery, Blog “They look divine and have gift boxes at a range of prices.”

Molasses cookies from Dancing Deer

Dancing Deer gingerbread cake and ginger molasses cookies

Recommended by: @tinkugallery, Blog “One of things I miss most since I left Boston!”


Plush Microbes
Giant Plush Microbes
Recommended by: @jljohansen , Blog “I’m getting my wife one of these because she’s a Med Tech in a hospital lab.” 
Buy your friend a day on IWearYourShirt.com
Jason is outsourcing his shirts to a different person/company each day of 2009, and posting pic, videos, tweets and blog posts of him wearing it.
Recommended by: @jbruin, Blog

Wine racks

Original Wine Racks

 Recommended by: @PaulLevine, Blog “Coolest wine racks.”

 Saeco Giro Espresso Machine
Saeco Giro Espresso Machine

Recommended by: @stevenzenith, Blog “I call mine ‘Nancy Shortrun.’ I couldn’t live without her.”

Vertu Cell Phone
Vertu Cell Phones
“A phone without equal”

Recommended by: @iankennedy, Blog

Breitling Emergency
Breitling Emergency
Recommended by: @guykawasaki, Blog
 Weapon Charm Necklace
Weapon charm necklace
“Unisex weapon charm necklaces are cool enough for the ladies or the fellas.”

Recommended by: @luckthelady, Blog “Not ready to pop a ring? Appeal to the charmed sociopath inside her”

 Nabaztag Rabbit
Nabaztag WiFi-enabled Ambient Smart Rabbit

Recommended by: @stevebags “We have one here at work, but I would love one at home…”

Nipple warmers


Nipple Warmers

Recommended by: @jayjojee

Someone Once Told Me

Someone Once Told Me: Photo stories printed on mugs and cameras
Recommended by: Jaz Cummins Blog
Gangsta Rap Coloring Book
The Gangsta Rap Coloring Book
“A series of images in thick black lines of the most popular gangsta rappers from hip-hop.”
Recommended by: @heidirettig, Blog

Lego USB flash drives


Lego USB flash drives

Recommended by: @philcampbell, Page

Sun Jar
 Sun Jar
“Have it sit in the sun during the day and see it radiate at night.”
Recommended by: @amoxcalli, Blog
Credit Card Underground Maps
Credit card underground maps

 Recommended by: @kirbstr, Delicious “for that friend who always gets lost”




A funky set of tote bags

Recommended by: @mrinklin, Blog “To promote earth friendly trips to the grocery store”

Saks 5th Ave Polished Face Kit


Saks 5th Ave Polished Face Kit

“Tucked inside this Marc Jacobs leather clutch is everything you’ll need to achieve a fresh, polished face.”

Recommended by: @frankidurbin, Blog “One of the best gifts for a woman this season”

Computer Floppy Disk Earrings



Computer Floppy Disk Earrings

Recommended by: @purplecar, Blog

“The precious, little eggling looks and feels like an extra large egg, but crack its top and discover a garden ready to grow!”
Recommended by: @andreamercado, Blog “There’s something insanely charming yet Zen about the tiny seedling that grows from a simple egg shell.”

Virtual Assistant gift certificates

Recommended by: @EsteDiaVA, Blog “Give the gift of time. More time= More happiness!” and @ModernMarketing, Blog

Ugly Dolls
Ugly Doll
“From the creative minds of two love struck artists David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim emerge the Uglydoll family!”
Recommended by: @sethgray, Blog

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